Mucinous Adenocarcinoma

Let me start explaining mucinous adenocarcinoma by breaking down this truck load of a work into smaller chunks that are easier to understand. This way the meaning of the words will have greater significance. The most important thing to understand first is the second part of adenocarcinoma which is carcinoma means a malignant tumor. Carcinoma is a particular malignant tumor that of the glandular tissue. The ‘adeno’ part of the word is a medical prefix which mean quite simply ‘gland’. So adenocarcinoma is a malignant tumor of the gland. Mucinous is a term that means large amount of mucus. So that would result in mucinous adenocarcinoma being a malignant tumor that has a lot of mucus present because of the cancerous tumor side effects.

Mucinous adenocarcinoma is a cancer of the rectum or colon which produces excessive amounts of mucus supposedly to aid the growth of the malignant tumor. These tumors are said to common in occurrence and are possible advance more rapidly because of the aid of the mucus. The mucus has been tested by medical laboratories and is proposed to aid the spread of the cancerous cells and therefore help the tumor grow faster than other tumors. Cancer is the growth of a mutated DNA cell that continues to replicate itself without the immune system’s ability to stop the growth. Too much tumor can eventually kill the host because the normal cells are replaced and the cancerous cell cannot do the same important job as the original tissue.

Even the benign form of the adenocarcinoma can cause complications for people and also eventuate in death. Because the mucus helps spread the tumor so quickly the tumor again to override the normal tissues function and therefore and important part of the bodies functioning will cease to work. Even excessive mucus production can poison the body and cause death. The cancer is treated like most cancer using drugs to kill and control the cancer plus chemotherapy.